Army Apache AV-8B AC-130 KC-767


High Def

A High Definition Video Recorder developed for the KC-767 Refueling Tanker is an advanced solution (with five analog XGA video inputs) that is fully flight qualified and adaptable to other platforms. This ruggedized digital video recorder supports the unusual requirement of up to five analog video inputs or four digital inputs. It is capable of recording any two of the input streams simultaneously for up to four hours, with longer recording times possible with higher compression ratios.

Working to an aggressive schedule, GECO's hardware engineering team maximized use of COTS, and designed the circuit card assemblies and mechanical components that could not be procured to fully meet the functional, environmental and EMC requirements.

Touch Screen

The SXGA multi-function display has proven its worth on AC-130 gunships in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The highly advanced Battlefield Multi-Function Display maximizes the use of COTS components, and its mechanical design is customized for the rugged operating environment. GECO can adapt the system, which is ideal for targeting, to meet a range of avionics or vehicle needs.

GECO designed and qualified a fully compliant avionics display that was fielded in-theater in only 15 months.

Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization

GECO is proud to support the Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization (formerly Future Combat Systems) by developing and modifying software for the System of Systems Common Operating Environment that will be used on every ABCTM platform.

GECO's real-time avionics software expertise supported a U.S. Army network software development effort.

Hardware Success

The Boeing Company contracted with GECO to develop a specification, design and produce Engineering Test Equipment (ETE). Several years later, Boeing again turned to GECO to upgrade the ETE units with new hardware and software features to support testing of the AH-64 Apache helicopter mission processor and common mission processor. GECO's contributions included:

  • Modifying/adding contacts to J2, J3, J10 and J11 digital video connectors
  • Adding new high-resolution digital video input and output capability (Hotlink DV-II and DV-III formats)
  • Adding new digital video switch and user control GUI
  • Adding analog frame grabber card
  • Adding self-test and loopback capabilities
The GECO products were successfully delivered and play a key role in production acceptance testing of AH-64 Apaches.

Software Success

When a previous supplier failed to deliver, Lockheed Martin Aerospace turned to GECO to develop Mobile Engine Test Stand software that would simulate the C-130J main processor, control a turboprop engine and provide a set of controlled test sequences to fully qualify the engine prior to installation.

GECO evaluated the existing code, redesigned the software architecture and re-implemented the software. GECO also developed test software to simulate the discrete I/O and facilitate automated testing of the MIL-STD1553 bus. Subsequent contracts to provide additional functionality were implemented with no regression problems, showing that the GECO documentation, coupled with the new software architecture, provide ease of maintenance.

Due to excellent performance on the contract, Lockheed Martin nominated GECO for the U.S. Small Business Administration's Award of Excellence. GECO received the prestigious award in 2007.

Services Success

Honeywell Aerospace called on GECO's engineering excellence for reliability and safety engineering support for the Electric Thrust Reverser Actuation System (ETRAS) for the Airbus A380 aircraft. For this effort, GECO analyzed two engine variations on the aircraft (Trent 900 and GP2700) for safety and reliability in support of an ARP Audit. As part of the post ARP Audit contract support, GECO supported the final T900 Engine Certification package, the first flight GP2700 package and the final GP2700 Engine Certification package.

GECO brought the required hardware and software experience to successfully support international certification of the first ever electronic thrust reverser in the commercial air transport category of aircraft.