Army Apache AV-8B AC-130 KC-767


From the Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization System of Systems Common Operating Environment… to the Joint Tactical Radio System… GECO's portfolio of software success is broad and deep. GECO incorporates both custom and off-the-shelf solutions developed specifically to meet customer requirements.

Our experience and capabilities encompass:

  • Application Software
  • Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
  • Satellite Communications
  • IP-Related Security

Embedded Software

  • Embedded software solutions include Real Time Operating System integration, partitioning, and application interfaces. Other software experience includes Board Support Packages, Drivers, and Platform Support Packages.
  • Camera Driver Software - Implements a virtual frame grabber with 360° field of view
  • Image Processing Platform Support Package
  • 1GHz A/D Driver for RACEway
  • BSPs-MPC180, MPC750FX
  • QuadG4 Processor Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • Remote Terminal Unit PIC Controller

Simulation Software

  • Test simulation software is developed to support system integration and test when custom hardware is not available. This capability applies to all levels of hardware, from single chips to complex, multiplatform systems.
  • Gigamac - IC-Level Simulation
  • Global Satellite Communications Network - System-Level
  • Gimbal Drive Electronics - Component-Level
  • Attitude Control Electronics - Component-Level

Software Success

When a previous supplier failed to deliver, Lockheed Martin Aerospace turned to GECO to develop Mobile Engine Test Stand software that would simulate the C-130J main processor, control a turboprop engine and provide a set of controlled test sequences to fully qualify the engine prior to installation.

GECO evaluated the existing code, redesigned the software architecture and re-implemented the software. GECO also developed test software to simulate the discrete I/O and facilitate automated testing of the MIL-STD1553 bus. Subsequent contracts to provide additional functionality were implemented with no regression problems, showing that the GECO documentation, coupled with the new software architecture, provide ease of maintenance.

Due to excellent performance on the contract, Lockheed Martin nominated GECO for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Award of Excellence. GECO received the prestigious award in 2007.