Army Apache AV-8B AC-130 KC-767


GECO's ability to provide a range of technical services enhances our other capabilities and adds value to the customer experience. A highly experienced engineering staff and integrated approach result in complete and innovative solutions to systems problems.

Our capabilities include Test Systems, such as:

  • I/O panels for test equipment connection and switching
  • Engine test stand controller (hardware and software)
  • Satellite communications, including integration of real-time text for the space vehicle communications panel

Our consulting services include:

  • Trade studies
  • White papers
  • Systems engineering
  • Hardware engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Independent verification and validation

Services Success

Honeywell Aerospace called on GECO's engineering excellence for reliability and safety engineering support for the Electric Thrust Reverser Actuation System (ETRAS) for the Airbus A380 aircraft. For this effort, GECO analyzed two engine variations on the aircraft (Trent 900 and GP2700) for safety and reliability in support of an ARP Audit. As part of the post ARP Audit contract support, GECO supported the final T900 Engine Certification package, the first flight GP2700 package and the final GP2700 Engine Certification package.

GECO brought the required hardware and software experience to successfully support international certification of the first ever electronic thrust reverser in the commercial air transport category of aircraft.