Army Apache AV-8B AC-130 KC-767


From custom solutions…to commercial off the shelf…GECO's highly experienced team designs and produces a range of single board computers and computer systems for complex products.

Our hardware solutions have been selected by Boeing for its AC-130 Battle Management Center Multi-Functional Display, and GECO's Engineering Test Equipment units are used for production acceptance testing for AH-64 Apache helicopters.

Our experience and capabilities include:

  • Data Management Unit
  • LRU System Controller
  • Engine Test Stand Control Computer
  • Remote Terminal Unit PIC Controller
  • Precision Logarithmic Amplifier Unit

Hardware Success

The Boeing Company contracted with GECO to develop a specification, design, and produce Engineering Test Equipment (ETE). Several years later, Boeing again turned to GECO to upgrade the ETE units with new hardware and software features to support testing of the AH-64 Apache helicopter mission processor and common mission processor. GECO's contributions included:

  • Modifying/adding contacts to J2, J3, J10 and J11 digital video connectors
  • Adding new high-resolution digital video input and output capability (Hotlink DV-II and DV-III formats)
  • Adding new digital video switch and user control GUI
  • Adding analog frame grabber card
  • Adding self-test and loopback capabilities

The GECO products were successfully delivered and play a key role in production acceptance testing of AH-64 Apache helicopters.