Army Apache AV-8B AC-130 KC-767 KC-46A Light-Speed Top-View TOGA Controller

A World of Experience

Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization. Joint Tactical Radio System. AH-64D Apache. KC-767 Refueling Tanker

The GECO customer roster speaks volumes. For 20 years, we've supported some of the world's most strategically important defense systems with complete hardware, software, and engineering solutions. Today this experience brings big benefits to a wide range of industries and customers, including medical, commercial, and industrial.

Standard COTS

GECO excels at selecting and integrating open systems Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products; both software and hardware. This has been our core business since the company was founded. We specialize in using COTS to meet our customers' requirements, utilizing our in-house engineering capability to modify or design new system components when required. As an independent integrator, we are uniquely qualified to work with multiple industry-leading COTS suppliers. Our knowledge, industry contacts and engineering ability enable us to deliver the best value solutions for our customers.

We understand the benefits of using COTS. Our designs rely on COTS to the maximum extent appropriate in order to meet all performance requirements. By utilizing COTS components, we are able to minimize development and production costs. In addition, we gain the industry benefit of improved obsolescence strategies. As the industry evolves, we are able to leverage those improvements to our products.